Monday, September 1, 2014


Thanks to a new computer I'm blogging again. 

Surprise Birthday Party 
Pig N Whistle
August 30, 2014

Today was his actual birthday, and he was extremely busy preparing barbecue for the traditional Labor Day gathering of family and friends. He has been showered with cards and wishes and love.

 My card to him had these passages:

because you let me know you completely
             because you are still a mystery
because you do not wish to change me
             because you have changed me forever
because you see the good and true in me
             because you forgive all else in me
because you are not who i expected to love
             because you are just who i need to love
because you gave me beautiful yesterdays
             because you promise me beautiful tomorrows
because you asked for my hand
             because i gave you my heart...
                                i love you.

                        happy birthday 


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