Sunday, January 12, 2014


The start of a new year is already a blur. Truthfully I can't recall how each precious day has been spent. It's journal entries that help me out. Pen and paper assist my hazy memory.
I have written a lot about my visits with Mother. There are days now that she doesn't know my name. Time with her may be very short. Sometimes while she sleeps, I sit and watch her breathing and also stare at these items on her bedside head a jumble of memories, my heart heavy and sad.
Reading about other people and their situations enables me to get away. Two recent escapes are

 Art is another tension reliever. I'm working on a mixed media piece. 

 Tonight's contemporary church service focused on this point: every breath comes from God...the first one at birth, the last one in death, and all the ones in between.  

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