Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was surprised when September rolled around, and now this lovely month is passing quickly. This has been the fastest year in all my recollection. My weekly plans don't get off the ground before the weekend reappears. Life seems to be moving at an incredible speed. Home provides some sense of stability in this fast-paced world, offering peace and quiet to apprehensive nerves. Walking through the house this week I noticed an ample supply of cobwebs. One window cleaning required a stepstool, giving me a glance into my house I don't often see. From this location there's actually a view from one end of the house to the other.

Once upon a time I had large collections of tins, baskets, crocks, and magnets. I've reduced those to just a few in each category.  The other day I bought a $1 bag of magnets  to price and sell in my booth. One was chosen to stay on the side of my own refrigerator...the sweet little watering can.

Above the microwave is one of my favorite collections.
There's no more room left up there so eleven is it!
Have you tuned into The Million Second Quiz? Now those contestants have to have a head full of trivia! The range of questions covers many topics from past as well as current events. I struggle with many of the answers just like I do during the afternoon game show of Jeopardy. How do individuals retain all those facts and tidbits of information? I certainly feel dumb because they are so smart. Oh, well, it's fun when you know the answer.

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