Thursday, September 5, 2013

Treasures, Old and New

I dug these out of a storage trunk. They were used in my first apartment in the seventies. Even back then I loved the color brown. 

This brown jar was bought recently at Goodwill for one dollar. I was buying it to put in my booth, but then I started to like the two owls.

Now the two owls have replaced the three vases on the mantel. I am never satisfied with that mantel! Maybe one of these days I will find the right art and accessories to hide those awful vents and center outlet.
I bought this hanging plaque for the message. I plan to change the ribbon to red and hang it on the Christmas tree.
The wooden blocks were sold with the wooden scoop so I couldn't resist the two together.
For now I have the scoop resting on a highchair in the dining room.
Thanks for coming by.
Let's hope that September will linger so we can enjoy her cooler days, football games, flea market adventures, and craft fairs. 

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