Friday, July 12, 2013

This and That

I am trying to follow the advice I modgepodged onto these rocks. 

Don't you love how pictures capture moments? I don't remember when my dad held me for this picture, but I'm happy to have this photo of us.

A new baby girl will arrive soon. Les, Pennee, and Kiera are excited, and so are we. Today I mailed a gift package for Chloe. Picking out the contents was a delight! Instead of buying wrapping paper I decorated the plain white box with watercolors, pens, stamped letters, and paper strips.
As always I've been puttering around the house. I've regained an interest in small bottles. The two amber bottles were packed away in a trunk. Believe it or not, they were part of my first apartment decor back in the early 1970's.
I'm always on the lookout for unusual frames and stands. This little goldtone stand caught my eye. Later it will probably hold an old photo. Something else caught my eye while I was browsing through the booths. Someone had done a picture of a girl out of paper bits. You just never know what interesting things you will see.


Jackie said...

Back Up!
You modge podged the rocks?
The cross looks etched in.


BitsAndPieces said...

Hi Jackie,
Glad you came by. I did the "Love Life" and "Cherish Memories" with words I had cut out and modge podged onto the rocks. You are right about the cross. It was given to me already etched in. Hope you're having a great summer.



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