Friday, July 19, 2013


A magazine clipping that I had pasted on a simple journaling page
inspired my smaller version.
A Different Kind of Inspiration 
I met three high school friends on Wednesday for a luncheon reunion.
Knowing them back then was inspiring. Knowing them now is even more inspiring. We have experienced a lot over the years, making us stronger and wiser. Mary, Marg, Nancy, and I came together for chatter, laughter, and memories as we sat inside Rafferty's and later Starbucks.
The pictures below show us as young girls. Our journeys were just beginning. This was a going away party for me. Right after graduation my family moved to another town. Our paths would separate,  but communication did not stop. And now this week we gladly celebrated our friendship for another year. 


Myra, Nancy, Mary, Linda, and me

Mary, Margaret, and Peggy 


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