Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasure Hunting

When things sell at the booth, it's time to restock by doing a little treasure hunting. It seems I always find something I want to keep. This metal bucket is tempting me, but my plans are to fill with dried wheat and hang a price tag on it. It could hold fresh flowers or paintbrushes or wooden spoons. It has lots of possibilities. It was a $3 Goodwill purchase.

Now another $5 Goodwill buy is staying with me. It was the last piece needed to fill up the wall behind our den couch. Did you spot it?

I like simple stitchery. Of course, it doesn't compare with beautiful stitchery that many bloggers have mastered. 

The saying and the tree in its four seasons suited me at first glance. 

It's wonderful that our different "treasures" end up in new locations. 

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