Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time is flying...

Time is flying or so it seems. It's already the middle of May in this new year.

My Mother's Day was lovely. Children may not realize how much parents treasure their time and affection over gifts. The handwritten messages inside cards and the spoken words go straight to the heart. 

My own mother seemed quieter on Sunday. She listened as those in the room did most of the talking. I am blessed by her presence and try not to be sad that Alzheimer's has taken away her feisty personality. Every once in a while there's a tiny glimpse of her independent spirit. 

My mother enjoyed gardening. As I may have mentioned before, I didn't always get my mother's fascination with plants. Years went by before I understood her love of gardening. Whenever I see blooms in the yard, there are immediate thoughts of Mother. She instilled so much into my life. I will be forever grateful.  

Yesterday I experienced some sort of "bug" and spent today resting and getting my strength back. Not sure what caused my body ailments but am happy to be feeling better.

Until next time...

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