Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smalls Have Significance

Sometimes I like to share tidbits about what is in each picture. Starting at the top:

  1. These little books once belonged to my paternal grandmother who lived in Sellersburg, Indiana.
  2. This little scoop was purchased in the 70's at Depot Antiques in Obion, Tennessee. This shop had a room in the back that featured kitchen items. Lots of tiny scoops were hanging in a wall display, and I had to have the two I picked. 
  3. This cup and saucer set was part of my mother's collection. The rust and brown colors make it a favorite in my collection. 
  4. The green bowl was a gift from my sister-in-law. For a long time it held tiny pinecones.
  5. The JOY key ornament was found at Christmastime. I bought a supply of them and enjoyed giving them away. Recently I read that the J is for Jesus who should be first, the O is for Others who are second, and the Y is for Yourself...last.
  6. The rock with the cross was given out at church a few weeks ago. Our pastor had one for everyone in the congregation. He asked us to come forward. After dipping the stone in water and placing it in our cupped hands, he said, "Remember your baptism."      

1 comment:

Joy said...

Love your smalls and their sentiments. I had never heard of the "joy" nice.

Have a great week!


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