Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Special Day

When three dear friends from high school days get together, it's special, very special. These days we reside in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida but manage to have periodic reunions. Here we are...not exactly school girls anymore but happy to be our present age.

I was about to take a picture of Mary and Nancy when a kind gentleman offered to take the three of us.

We made it to several antique/flea market/junk shops. The shop above was one of our favorites, and it certainly wasn't junky. Lovely art, unique furniture, and decorative accents filled this building on the square in Hernando, Mississippi. 

Happy Birthday, Nancy! We wish you many more.
Thanks, Mary, for lunch, driving, and showing us a good time.  


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time!! So glad you have the day together!!
Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

Andrea said...

Good times with good friends, there's not much better for one's soul :)


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