Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I hate to admit this but sometimes I forget the content of a book I have already read.  I was shocked that I had forgotten the dark romance between March and Hollis. Here on Earth was an enjoyable reread. The other paperback I picked up recently at a booth at Open Marketplace. It turned out to be a quick read with a compelling love story. Worthy goal: an apple a day for the body and a book a day for the mind.    

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By the Bluegrass said...

Oh, I love to read! I have some books by Alice Hoffman, but have yet to read them. I have also seen the book 'Cup of Tea' and thought it looked intriguing. I may check into that one. I have so many books on my list, with so little time.

I also have a book review on my blog. It is a few posts back from the current post. If your interested, check it out.

(p.s, Thanks bunches for stopping by my blog!)


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