Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Love this date!

On this day in 1978 I experienced wonder and love as son Ryan was born. Thirty-two years later his birthday brings back all the joy and excitement of that momentous day. Although we live far apart the modern marvel of cell phones enabled us to talk today and share some precious minutes. That's my personal reason for loving this date. 

It was also a great feeling to vote today.  I'll be watching election returns later tonight.  

Halloween decorations are back in storage so I've been rearranging objects.


Thanks for your November visit. Come again.   


beth said...

I really am courious about the small chest under the love carving. I'm so drawn to old boxes and chests. You have some very nice things, I can tell you have been collecting a long time Sandy.
Thanks for sharing. And Happy Birthday to Ryan.


BitsAndPieces said...

Thanks, Beth, for your nice comment. That's a small wooden box with the LOVE sign on top. It's not old and for a while the grandkids used it as a crayon box.
When a hinge on the back came loose, I decided to end its life as a crayon box. I think at one time the box may have held cigars.
I do love collecting, but I've reached an age when I really need to be downsizing all my stuff.



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