Friday, October 22, 2010

Old and New Memories

Light breezes and fluttering leaves made for a delightful walk this morning. During that walk I relived my pleasant hours yesterday with longtime friend Mary. We looked through scrapbooking albums, enjoyed an alfresco lunch, relaxed, and talked and talked. After viewing her amazing family albums I wanted to start a photo/journaling scrapbook of my own.

  little red barn birdhouse
handcrafted by Mary's late father

I am the very proud owner of two of his creations. 
 Thank you, Mary, for these special gifts.

Right beside the flour canister and brightening up that corner
is the other birdhouse. 

I wish I had pictures of Mary's lovely home. Each room is decorated with beautiful and unique objects. Because of Mary and her talents I came home wanting to decorate, create, and scrapbook. Thanks, dear friend, for the inspiration, conversation, and nourishment.

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