Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello October

A few messages to start off the month...

I'm back to doing my walking route and using the pebbles to keep track of completed laps. Invigorating coolness in the mornings keeps me moving.

I'm also continuing my interior decorating known as puttering. Since I didn't like the clock obscuring some of the tiles on the English washstand, I moved the timekeeper yet again. 

For once I caught these two brothers (grandsons Gunner and Nicolas) quietly sharing a storybook.     

I know it's October but find it hard to believe. This quick passage of time is disturbing. Nevertheless I'm going to do my best to treasure each and every day of this beautiful month. 

1 comment:

beth said...

October is a great month, a calmness sets in I think, preparing us for winter (although its been over 100 degrees all week here!) But the mornings have been cool, and you can feel fall in the air. I love what you said about enjoying everyday, great attitude Sandy.



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