Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Few Notes

Another week has zipped by. I have accomplished a few things. To help my mom remember key family members I put together a Who's Who photo album. I chose recent as well as some old photos and labeled them with easy-to-read name tags printed on the computer. We looked through it today, and she seemed to like it. She has realized for some time now that her memory is slipping away. My hope is that the album will offer some assurance and comfort.

A little more fall decorating...brought the girl statue back inside so I could place pumpkins on the doorstep. She's over in my art nook. I've added a cabinet to hide a bunch of art supplies. One day soon I'll take you back over there so I can show off a few changes.

I found two small fall wreaths, put them together, and hung them on the hall tree.  The postcard of the frightened boys is an old Halloween standby. 

From the many pumpkins in the cardboard bin I selected these two because of their shapes and stems. I believe they're be excellent for jack-o'-lanterns later in the month.

With so many yard sales taking place outside in the perfect fall weather, store business may be down this month. Pictured below are four nice throws that I added to my booth.      

I need to sign off since this session has taken me a long time because I'm still learning how to use the new editor format on Blogger. Talk again soon.    

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