Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've been doing a little bit of puttering yesterday and today. I try to rearrange what I already have. Took the big clock from the mantel and placed it on the hall washstand. Then the big question was what could go in its place since there's an electrical outlet to hide. I turned a holiday "Let It Snow " hanging container backwards and added some pine needles, cones, and leaves.   

Another object I turned around was a springtime birdhouse. The door on the back is open to show a small heart inside.

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beth said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for the post, and comment. I've missed you too. You are so clever when it comes to decorating, I love the pinecones and such. Very fall like. Its been in the 100's here all week. Hot and dry. I'm ready for some cooler weather (did I say that!)
Oh well. I've been busy with church, and family. Still working and trying to find time to collage. It's a rat race out there. But gotta do it. Anyway sorry for the long absence. I'll share it with you sometime.

warm hugs,


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