Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby shoes

my own bronzed pair with a missing button

my son's first white pair

This little pair received lots of wear.

precious keepsakes

my daughter's

The soles made these extra special keepsakes.

Tiny shoes of children now's astonishing how much time has passed. If it were not for pictures and keepsakes, I would wonder did it really happen. Sometimes in my mind I try to relive a busy day with my small children. I find it's hard to recall the numerous tender moments we must have shared.

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Anonymous said...

...what a sweet post Sandy! seeing the different style of baby shoes...reminded me that I do have my own pair somewhere..had almost forgotten that! the little flowers on your daughters
...we put bells on our sons one time..he jingled around the store at Christmas time
...we had a ceramic pr. with the date on them..given as a gift

....your grandson is so cute!!! :)

...know what you mean about trying to think back when they were little


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