Thursday, September 9, 2010

C Gets A+

My friend Mary sent me an email picture attachment about this letter project. She also furnished me with the C letter and set of tags. She's the best!

Pennee painted the C while I tea stained the tags.

It was hard to be patient while they dried.

Rubber stamp gave me the nest and eggs on a background paper.
Chipboard sticker provided the leaf.

1st metal label holder with brad plus peace stamp on paper
2nd heart cut from fabric scrap, love stamp, and ribbon

xoxo rubber stamp using gold ink on brown paper

buttons and another embellishment thanks to Big Lots
Love the crafts aisle at this store...great discounted items!

Here's the finished letter with tags.
What do you think?
I love it!
Thanks, Mary, for such a fun project!

P.S. to Mary
Sending you lots of well wishes & hugs


Jackie said...

I love it too :-)


Anonymous said...

So PRETTY!!!! and FUN! Can not wait to make more projects with you!:) P


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