Thursday, March 18, 2010


When my dad had cancer and only weeks to live I gave him this dog sculpture to sit on his bedside table. Sometimes I couldn't speak words to express my feelings, but this little dog conveyed how baffled and worried I was...also my love and concern.

This cup and saucer is from my mother's collection. For now it's displayed on a wooden tray in the guest bedroom. She and I share a fondness for the color green.

~pretty pitchers all in a row~
While at the store booth today I learned that four more items had sold. Yippee!!
It is exciting to see which objects are chosen by shoppers.

Sometimes it's hard to part with stuff I've had for a long time, but honestly I've accumulated way too much over the years. I like to think of the new owners being happy with their finds.

Yep, you know for sure it's spring when buttercups are blooming here, there, and everywhere. Love 'em!

Hope your day has been pleasant and productive.
I'm just happy that WONDERFUL spring is here.

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