Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catching Up

  • Cork recovered from the 24 hour virus.

  • We worked in the yard so the flowerbeds are not covered in leaves.

  • I've been sorting through my Mother's belongings. Many things she will no longer be able to use.

  • I carried some personal items to her nursing home room and tried to make it as cozy as possible...just adding a few pictures has helped tremendously.

  • The booth had two empty spots due to a couple of sales. Therefore, it was time to display additional items.

  • Lunch today was shared with two of Cork's cousins. We had steaks, baked potatoes, lima beans, sweet tea, Sock-it-to-me cake, and coffee. It was so nice to talk during and after the meal.
  • Finally, I've been up to my usual pastime of rearranging decor here at home.
Take care. Catch you later. Sandy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...please share your recipe for sock-it to-me-cake! :)..never heard of that one before


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