Monday, July 30, 2018

The Passage of Time

Truthfully I never realized how quickly time would pass. I can't be a senior citizen! What happened? Youthful dreams have gone away replaced by aching joints, wrinkles and other ailments. I defeat depression by being grateful. Not everyone has been blessed by the many years I've been able to live. So enough about old age. 

 I spent Saturday browsing a local antique mall. Even though it's summertime a few of my purchases were about other times of the year. My response to a fall scene was immediate. The tag read "autumn estate." I looked at the price twice - only $4.49. It was the first item to make it into my shopping basket.

A wood tray was my next find. The tag said vintage, and from the looks of it it had been well used. I liked its color. For ten dollars I thought it had possibilities for fall decorating.

A vintage Shiny Brite ornament and a large bottle brush tree with tiny red balls from Charlene's were two Christmas in July purchases.

I went back to one booth for my final decision. It was an unusual birdhouse that needed a different paint job. I may embellish it with china fragments or   
broken bits of jewelry.

This little one had her 5th birthday party on Saturday. We hated to miss it, but a Dallas trip at this time was not possible. 

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