Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Few Thoughts

I enjoy coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. My maternal grandmother would let me take sips from her coffee cup when I was a youngster. She's to blame for my early exposure. Oddly my mother hated the taste of coffee and never drank it.

I live in a house that is outdated in several ways. My husband refuses to change the kitchen which has knotty pine cabinets and walls. Therefore, I use green to add some color.

Green has been my favorite color for most of my life. It was my mother's, too.
And my daughter also likes green.

I think writers have a marvelous gift. How do authors come up with their amazing storylines? Just finished this one. Very, very good.

My new sketchbook came with this cover. My plan is to fill the white pages with color. I need to carve out more time for ART.

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