Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time for a Few Changes

I seldom make big changes here at home, but little things do get moved around. For example, I moved this brass pitcher from a small end table to the hearth. It has been with me for years. During apartment days it sat on the lone shelf in the tiny kitchen. In my first home it was always on the massive mantel log in the rustic den. 

It still has the sticker on the bottom that reads Burks Antiques Log Cabin. A lovely couple allowed young people to charge purchases and pay for pieces on a monthly basis. Thanks to the Burks I was able to acquire my first quality pieces of antique furniture.

To hide two vents and one center outlet makes decorating  
this mantel very frustrating. However, I changed it
this afternoon, trying not to get upset.  The stained
little cupboard is back, but to hide that ugly outlet
I had to place the alphabet plate on top. Happy 
with the number 5 block.


I moved the antique clock from the mantel to the piano. 

Hey, the clock seems to be running better in this spot. Hopefully with its lower position I'll be better at winding it.

I liked this chalkboard message from a Pinterest site. 
I just glued the page to a canvas and propped it on our bookcase.
May decide to frame it.

In high school I borrowed those words and wrote them in someone's yearbook.
How true those six words are!

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