Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Finds

At long last I found an appealing cow print that was low priced. It's a sweet print that makes me think of simpler times. Also I had my husband in mind when searching for a cow picture. Sometimes he misses the cattle he once had. 


I enlarged it so you could see the scene better.


This lightweight table with rollers was in the booth next to mine. I spotted it one day and went back for it the next. Luckily it was still there. So handy and well worth eight dollars. At night it holds a stack of pillows that I take off the master bed. At other times it will serve as a snack table for a tray of ballgame munchies.  


I chose this sewing machine drawer for the pretty detailing on the front.
Not quite sure where it will be used.

Happy Hunting !

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