Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pleasurable Hours

This picture turned out better than I thought it would because I was so far away from the church. I was sitting in Corkey's truck this morning waiting on him to buy a lawnmower belt. Through the windshield my trusty Kodak Easy Share  C613 came through for me. Next we had a relaxing late breakfast at IHOP. After that we headed in different directions.

You probably know where I headed. Yes, you guessed it. To a flea market.  
I found a few things for the booth and a couple of items for myself.

I liked the color of these books and the fake eyeglasses decoration.

I have been going through some old journals and bookmarking certain passages. It is amazing to find details I had completely forgotten. One such example is the foot locker in the picture below. It belonged to my dad. I had written about using gold leaf to bring out the hardware on it.

By the way everything on the foot locker are pieces I acquired when flea marketing at different times and places. 

Before I close two more photos because I still love my desk, and the book  by Susan Branch is wonderful. She writes in diary form and illustrates the pages with her drawings and photos.

Oh, I wish I could visit England! 
I don't have a bucket list, but if I did England would be on it.

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