Wednesday, April 20, 2016


One friend told me she rarely changes her decor. Once she finds a place for something there it stays. Sometimes I leave objects in the same place, but usually I tend to try out new locations. 

Brass owl came down from his high perch on the architectural piece to hide behind the letter S on a desktop. Squirrel moved from an end table to the piano. Green plates left the top of the refrigerator to be a part of the hutch. Moving objects is my indoor pastime.

There's a person I follow on Instagram. 
She has a bamboo-look brass tray that she uses in her decorating.
I was so happy to spot one at Goodwill.  It was very tarnished.
I was pleasantly surprised to uncover the letter C in the center.
Now to add the right pieces to create an interesting vignette.

If you want to see beautiful things and a unique decorating style visit Megillicutti on Instagram. Melissa Parks is a Chicago area vintage and antiques dealer. I look forward to her every post.

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