Monday, October 12, 2015


Texas visit for a little granddaughter's party is the reason for  blog entry  delay. Sharing a few pictures of that happy trip today. Watching Kiera and Chloe play and interact with each other and also with other people is the best part of being with them.
Birthday Girl Kiera

     Chloe, aka "Sissy"

On Friday Pennee drove us into Dallas for the girls' monthly art session.

Kiera and the other young ones listened intently as the instructor talked to them about textures. She showed them different chairs on display that were made of different materials.

I could have stayed at the museum for hours. There was so much to view, read,
and appreciate, but with little ones that's not possible.

With art everywhere I couldn't have been happier.

Pennee makes fantastic decorations for birthday parties. For the girls' first birthdays she did these art posters which hang in the hallway near their playroom. 

Friends, family, refreshments, games, 
activities, Piñata surprises, party bags, 
presents, and fun = memorable party 

Returning home it's always good to come across the Memphis bridge and be back in Tennessee. But Corkey and I are going to miss these two!!

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