Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Treasure

There are friends who just get you. My friend Mary is one of those. She knows me well.  After all we met in eighth grade, and our friendship has endured through the years.

Today we reconnected. What a pleasure it was! We both have a love for old things and have collected special finds over the years. Our home furnishings have stories that go with them.

Old books appeal to me and have for a long time.
When I was a little girl I was fascinated by the books stored in an old shed on my grandmother's farm.

When teaching became my career choice, an interest in textbook copies grew.
I have a small collection of children's schoolbooks, mostly English, spelling, and reading.

So getting back to my visit with Mary...
She presented me with a special gift. Like I said she knows me well.
Not only does this book have old textbook pages, it is designed to hold journal pages in the back. Plus there's Mary's inscription on the inside cover...how special that message is to me. What a treasure to cherish the rest of my years! 

 I love that the school pages deal with grammar. My favorite subject to teach was Language Arts, and explaining and drilling parts of speech was a welcome challenge.  

To write or not to write inside this unique book???

Thank you, Mary, for this book and all the wonderful times we have shared.
Friends forever,
Love, Sandy

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