Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life, time, etc.

A wonderful friend called me yesterday to make sure I was okay. She was wondering why there were no new posts. Her sweet concern inspired me to communicate before April vanishes. 

I am feeling better...just not 100% yet. However, Sunday's beautiful weather
prompted me to get outside and start pulling weeds from three flowerbeds. To think something I once hated is now a source of comfort. I dearly love the rock border my mother gave me, and pulling weeds away from the stones is a task I don't mind. 

I am constantly changing the den mantel or so it seems. I'm presently using an old print that belonged to Corkey's mother.

The gold bottles were moved behind the sliding glass bookcase. I'm becoming overly protective of these silly plain bottles.  Must be because I've had them for so long. They were with me in the 70's in my first apartment.

Another collection from the 70's.
 There was a fourth brown vase. I'm happy to say that daughter Lauren has it.     

It startles me to think of the decades I have now witnessed. In that space of time I have changed from young girl in my twenties to retired person in my sixties. A-m-a-z-i-n-g! 

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