Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Favorite Spaces

One of my Pinterest boards is titled Favorite Spaces. Just looking at the different places inside homes is satisfying. Here in my own home I have three nooks that bring me immense pleasure.



Keeping things organized in the art area can be a chore, for I tend to drag out supplies and make a lot of clutter.    

A drawing on a Pinterest art journaling page gave me the idea to use a similar back pose for this canvas and to add WAITING at the bottom.   

A small desk fits into this space and allows me to write at night.
Books, pictures, and art surround me in this space and provide lots of memories. 

  closet bookcase of memorabilia 
Well, those are my three favorite spots that I feel lucky to have. But after viewing these photos I think I need to work on reducing my clutter. However, because almost every object has a personal significance, it will remain.  

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