Thursday, June 12, 2014

In the month of June

June is a special month for us. My husband and I get to celebrate our anniversary on two different dates. Twenty-five years ago we were married by Ms. Clara McMillin in a simple but meaningful ceremony at the Covington Courthouse on June 8th. Later on June 30th we had another ceremony at Quito United Methodist Church with our children standing up front with us as we said our vows before family and a few friends.

June has been a busy month so far with frequent checks on Mother's care and also caring for grandkids.


Blank pages and a blank canvas are waiting on me.

I did change the cover of my simple journaling book...from that black cover with etc to what you see below. 
With all the rain we've been having our garden has some new blooms.

enjoying one day at a time...

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