Sunday, December 15, 2013

Annual Parade of Ornaments

Hanging the ornaments is such a pleasurable activity each and every Christmas. Lots of memories are connected to them. Even though I really didn't need any more, a few newcomers (the ones with notes) made it onto the tree anyway. 
a Dollar Tree beauty


 Due to Goody's offer (buy 1 get 2 free), I acquired the colorful words WISH and MERRY.
 This ornament was the one I purchased to receive two more free.
I wanted it because the nest had seven eggs. And yeah it was 60% off!
With so many ornaments some are piled into clusters inside bowls. This group of greens and golds is on the dresser of the guest bedroom.
From Nell Hill's Christmas at Home
"An ornament holds all the loveliness of Christmas, in miniature."
"...the most valuable ornaments go beyond loveliness, straight to the heart." 


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