Saturday, June 15, 2013

Looking Around

Two gardenia blooms greeted me in the garden today. I held them up to my nose and inhaled, recalling this same scent from my childhood days in Louisiana. In fact, this gardenia bush was bought several years ago when I was visiting my birth state.

As I was cleaning and filling the birdbath, I noticed the smaller bloom.

Another white surprise was a hollyhock. So far I have had only pink ones blooming.
This was my first summer to place this birdhouse outside on the patio. It got some attention right away. 

These geraniums on the patio table are favorites because you can see their bright colors from my kitchen window.

This vignette honors my mother who loved to garden. Under the larger cloche is one of her McCoy flowerpots.
The E for her given first name - Essie
Because her last name was Barnes before she married, she acquired the nickname Barney that was used much more than Essie.
flower frogs
This "heart" flower frog is a little something I almost passed up on one of my antiquing days. Sometimes the littlest things provide the most joy. 
Speaking of Mother, I'm so glad the view from her room is of a courtyard with flowers, trees, and birdfeeder. She and I have spent peaceful times together watching squirrels and birds. This past week Mother's sweet roommate moved to another facility. Ms. Staggs will be dearly missed. She tried to watch out for Mother and help when she could. Maybe in the years to come there will be medical advances to end this heartbreaking disease.
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