Friday, December 21, 2012


Wishing you sweet memories...either from the past or the present. I find myself experiencing both.

Fun decorations were added                      This little tree was
to this pencil sketch of Grams                    presented to my
and Grandad. Our oldest                              mother last year.
son Jo did the drawing of us                     It now sits on my
years ago.                                                            closet work table
                                                                                 as a keepsake  
                                                                                 from 2011. 
In November my mom turned ninety.
I love this happy photo of her and my husband Corkey.
Hopefully we can make her smile during our Christmas visits. 
 Our tree of memories 
In 1990 I found these kids' ornaments to represent our five.
The year and their names are written on the backs. It's hard to believe that was twenty-two years ago.
Have a MERRY weekend making memories!  

1 comment:

Joy said...

I'm just catching up on blogging today...have enjoyed your tags and decorating. Lovely picture of your mother and husband. May you have a wonderful holiday!


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