Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bits of Saturday

I should have done some deep cleaning today, but was sidetracked when looking through old diary entries, saved magazines, boxes of ornaments, and seasonal decorations.

Since we had our Thanksgiving meal when the kids were home for the wedding, my mind has shifted to what do I want to display for the Christmas holidays. Also I'm trying to reduce my inventory of stuff by taking items to the booth. Now to the forgotten little treasures I came across...

See the two thin volumes on the right side of the photo. These tiny Whitman books were purchased by me long before I had children. 

I think I chose this book because the little girl had red hair. On each of the 25 pages the little girl tells something she likes.

    The last page endeared this little book to me.
 Throughout this book a child named Grace is looking for a quiet place. 
A boy disturbs the quiet place she finds at last, but after sharing her snack with him, she discovers what the last page reveals... 
I'm glad I stumbled across these tiny books a long time ago.
The copyrights are from the 1960's. I don't know if they are still available. My copies are certainly showing wear and tear. However, they continue to delight with their sweet messages.

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