Thursday, September 27, 2012

Got Time?

Sometimes the need to write is very strong. Also the desire to be here...the need to connect with those of you who read my entries. I realize my life is ordinary, and yet at the same time I know it is extraordinary. We are all unique, interesting, and special. Each life has a wonderful beginning, middle, and end...a journey of importance.

While in Walgreens yesterday to get my Shingles shot, I noticed a journal like the one I'm using now. I decided to grab it rather than wait until I was at the end of my present one. Those three verbs on the removable advertising band are suitable for writers - think, create, record.

I am gathering pieces to start a new collage. On one torn piece of music there's a noteworthy quote.

To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die. -Campbell
I enjoy collage as an art form. 
Well, time to close this entry and to wish you well on tomorrow's passage. Take time to think, create, and record.


Andrea said...

Gosh, what a timely post my dear. I have struggled with journaling for years. The desire is there, but I have never really made time. Have started and torn up more journal pages than can be counted. Just today I picked up one that hadn't been touched in four years, well, touched maybe, just not written in, and decided to sit down and write something! And when I was younger, collage making was a passion, but haven't done that in years either. Thank you for the inspiration!

Joy said...

I don't like going to Walmart but will have to find that journal. I used to journal on a daily basis and it helped with life. Maybe I need to start again?

And yes, you are an inspiration..."I can do it."

Unknown said...

I think writing is an art in itself. I hate writing... =( Lester loves it! You have that gift to write and inspire others =)


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