Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Although it was beautiful outside, I decided to spend a couple of hours inside an antique mall. Sometimes the urge to treasure hunt is too strong. I came away with two unexpected small finds.  

This little Mary Engelbreit teabag holder or spoon rest was marked down from three dollars to one dollar. I liked the cheery colors.

I haven't seen one of these in such a long time. I actually used one a few times in the early days of my career. The vintage chalk holder bought back some sweet memories. I thought it would work as a display rack so I gave in to the $12 asking price. That's my mom and me in the black and white school photos. An old green schoolbook came in handy behind us.  

I am still enjoying the silver compote. I moved it to the top of the refrigerator to display the pitcher you see. When you enter the back door and step into the kitchen, these objects greet you from their high perch.  


Also up there are these old mixing bowls in two of my favorite colors.

Happy Weekend! 

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