Monday, September 12, 2011

Checking In

Over the weekend I pulled out my journal from 2001 and read what I had written on September 11th. That day in the classroom came back like it was yesterday. 

Here is that entry:
During the first hour of school Mrs. Newbill came over the intercom to tell us to stay inside the building for our recess periods. She mentioned pollution levels, asthma and breathing difficulties to explain her cancellation of outdoor playtime. At the time I did not know what had happened in America. It was not until 10:10 that I heard the awful news. I had dropped my students off at the library and stopped by the office to pick up Abacus tests.

I returned to my classroom and turned on the radio. Chilling reports about the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Throughout the day I followed our schedule, the students unaware. Three girls were picked up by parents. The other students wondered why, but it was not revealed to them.

Once I was home television footage and reporting filled in the tragic events. AMERICA UNDER ATTACK was the headline on every main channel.


Yesterday I watched much of the moving memorial coverage on television and was inspired by all those courageous families who lost loved ones on that fateful day.  It caused me to be (and continues to make me) more appreciative of every person, activity, and moment.

My daughter and I were able to share this past Sunday afternoon by enjoying another tour of homes in Central Gardens. 

This house was the biggest and best.
 rear view
A lovely garden scene behind one of the homes.

There were six homes open to the public...each one full of character and style.

I came home to my own place, trying my best not to be jealous of all that I had seen.... archways,  designer kitchens, handsome furniture, gorgeous rugs, artwork, etc. Truthfully it was wonderful to visit, but I was happy to be back at my own address.   


Joy said...

Will our generation ever forget 9/11? Hopefully, we all will remember that we have much to be thankful for.

Your tour pictures are lovely. It is a nice feeling to be back at one's own address.

beth said...

You are an honorable women Sandy. 9/11 changed us. Thank you for remembering for all of us.
life is in session here. Hope to find time to work on my art.



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