Thursday, July 14, 2011

Searching and Finding

I can be happily satisfied by the smallest accomplishments.

Case in point: My friend Mary had this wooden thing(candle base, pedestal, or whatever it was) that she planned to add to the booth. But I desired it for its wooden shape and  green color and scooped it up for her asking price. Since then I have been trying to decide what to display on top. Well, at Charlene's...a shopper's paradise...there was a bowl of decorative billiard balls.  

Also at this fabulous store was this wire hanger. I am experimenting to see what I want to display on it.

My final find of the day was at a place I had never stopped at before. Very different from Charlene's... picture a lot of clutter and messy. But one dollar I gladly paid for this decorative green ball.

   The thrill of the hunt keeps me happy. Don't you feel the same?         

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