Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sentiment Stand

On Monday I bought a little something at Tuesday Morning for our 22nd anniversary that is today. I thought it was different, and at our ages the sentiment was appropriate. We realize that the years are passing faster than we want them to and that we must cherish whatever time we have. On the tag that came with the gift item was this message about the product.

Lost and Found is a collection that brings back to life a time of simpler traditions and inspired moments in our history. Composed from old vintage "finds" and creatively assembled into inspirations for the home, Lost and Found captures the feeling of heritage, sentiments and traditions into our everyday living. It is a reminder in our daily lives to embrace our history and retell our stories. What may have been lost in time, is now found and relived in inspiration, shaping our future and reminding us of the core values and traditions that are the foundation of our lives.

On our bedroom dresser there is some of our family's history...from our parents' long ago portraits to the more recent decorative keepsake ball from Pennee and Lester's outdoor wedding. To this mix I added the sentiment stand.
May it remind us to enjoy and love growing old together.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Best wishes...May you many more years of Happiness!


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