Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Passage of Time

Well, I had planned to do a lot of cleaning out and organizing at the start of January, but a bad cold interfered with those plans.

I hung the Flavia calendar above the desk that sits in my clothes closet which contains much more than garments. There are also magazines, pictures, mementoes, art, and just lots of things I like.

This lovely doll sits on a top shelf. It was given to me one Christmas by my mother...not when I was a young girl but much later when I was an adult. All the dolls I played with as a youngster were given away to my younger cousin.
I reminded my mom every now and then how wrong I thought that was. Thus, she wanted to replace that loss with this special present.

I enjoy her and some other little girl collectibles that reside on that top shelf. 

It's amazing how fast little girls grow up. When you're 10 or 20, you believe you have all the time in the world. You dream about doing all sorts of things. The passage of time slips up on you.

Another view inside the closet

The statue of the little girl with her face resting on her palm is a favorite is the redheaded girl on skates.  It's odd how a closet space has become such a favorite space here in the house...guess it's because it holds so many pleasant memories. Yes, it's great to be feeling better and  back on the blog. Thanks for dropping by.


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Town and Country Mom said...

How nice to have a little get-away space right in your house!


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