Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walking Route

starting point
The hardest part for me each morning is to just get started.
At the end of the driveway I make a right turn and walk to this cedar tree.

Turning at the cedar tree I walk along the east side of the yard.

A little past the light pole I turn right

for the stretch across the back

that leads to our garden patch.

Then the walk continues along the west side of the yard.

Turning at the cables, there's a small incline that brings me to the front of the yard.

A right turn and a few steps puts me near the driveway.

Following the circular drive

I come back to my starting place. Here I love to move a pebble on the timber to mark a completed lap.
That was probably a boring walk for you. Sometimes it is for me, too. The sky, trees, birds, and flowers help, but it's not the most picturesque route. I like that this walk can be done near my own home. I am trying to focus on the health benefits of a daily walk. To lose a few pounds would be cause for jubilation. Thanks for joining me on my exercise route...wish we could do it for real.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

..what a nice green walk!...I'm ready to go :)
...I walk right out my door too.

...loved your new bird tags and flowers..I just saw 2 baby bluejays in my backyard yesterday...sooo cute..hopping around.
...always enjoy your pics and words,


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