Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time Moves On

Here it is Saturday, and I can't account for the hours and days that have zipped by. We picked up our son Les at the airport on Wednesday night and have been enjoying his company ever since. This afternoon I watched Tennessee beat Kentucky, baked several batches of oatmeal cookies, and finished an engrossing book. The storyline of this book is one I am not likely to forget. The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond is one of those novels you will not want to put down. When I was browsing at our local bookstore, this book and some others were displayed standing up on the top surface of one bookcase. I took a chance on it after reading "profound, deeply moving, endlessly gripping" on the back of the book jacket. Wow, it was that and more!University of Tennessee, Stuckey's, family vacations, relationships, divorce, San Francisco, photography, much (that I could relate to) is woven into this haunting story. A few passages were so special I had to mark them...third paragraph on page 316 was one.


Anonymous said...

..I used to love going to Stuckey's!...watching the bees make honey and then having honey butter on rolls...yum!...they closed in MO a long time ago.
..have a good rest of weekend :)

beth said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment on my blog. That book looks so inviting. I haven't read a book in so long, might just have to make some time.
About the biking, it is slow going let me tell you. Mostly flat terrian cause I can't get up the smallest of hills. But yes, it is very nice to be able to do it.
Hopefully for you spring will come soon and you will get out. In the mean time there are plenty of excerise and yoga videos out there. I've been doing some leg lifts and walking as often as I can. I've never excerised. It's all new to me too.
Hope you find a little time and place to start.


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