Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy Day Outing

The Emerson quote is wise but difficult to do (for me, anyway).

I'll always have a soft spot for any child's rocker.

basket to hang or fill with goodies

Poppytrail Metlox pitcher

I checked my booth space and made an unexpected purchase from another vendor. The rug had brown, cream, and green colors that I so a 40% off sticker. Even with the rain today stretches of snow remain. I'm not fond of wet, cold days...but am trying to appreciate them, too.


Andrea said...

That's a very nice rug, love the colors!

That pitcher in your booth is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sandy..the rug pattern and colors are sooo you :)
...have a similar rocker...wood burned our sons name on the slats those colorful potholders
..wondering about that snow storm here


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