Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Read and Escape

I love a good book! To lose oneself in a well-written book is bliss...especially when your own life is taking some bumps and bruises. Certain passages jump out at you and stay in your mind. One such passage was in Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs.

"I'm still drawing," Sarah admitted. "I have a syndicated comic strip, but I get my inspiration from my own life these days, not other people's."
"Good for you." Birdie shook her head. "Some people spend their whole lives filled with regrets about stuff that went on in high school. I've always wondered why that is. It's just four years. Four lousy years in a life that can span a century. Why do people get so fixated on those four little years?"
"Good question," Sarah said quietly.

I just finished A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve. A couple of passages talked about "the nonstories." One line says, "The woman you didn't meet because she couldn't get a taxi to the party you had to leave early from," ... The novel focuses on unions and reunions ... choices made and the fascination with those not followed. I have started Light On Snow by Anita Shreve. The first fifty-nine pages have allowed that wonderful escape I need.

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