Wednesday, April 4, 2018


It's April's turn to surprise us. Returning perennials are such a delight. We have yet to make it to a gardening center to buy a few new plants for the front porch containers. Unpredictable weather may be one of the reasons. So in the meantime I painted some swirly springlike blossoms on a blank canvas.

I also spent some time on my booth rearranging displays.

And I usually find something at another booth for myself to bring home, like this tall vase of Blue Mountain Pottery, Ontario, Canada.

After putting away Easter  decorations I chose a few family photos to display.

One of these days I will probably tire of this squirrel, but for now I like him holding the wooden tulip. A touch of whimsy never hurts.

Wishing you a wonderful's still cool enough in my neighborhood for a sweater...really am ready for some warmth.

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