Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Moods

Whether inside or outside the colors of fall bring contentment.

Soon this bedroom will be changed. This bookcase has already been cleared of photo albums. They were transferred to the entry bookcase. 

Son Jo will take the desk/bookcase unit to his house. The antique bed will be stored for now. A bedroom suite from my mother's apartment will be in this room. We are trying to empty out the apartment for Les and Pennee. For several months they will need it as their new house is being built. Even my art nook will be moved to an area in the garage. Lots of changes are ahead.

 Took time yesterday to carve this year's jack-o'-lantern.

This ceramic jack-o'-lantern was given to me by my mom.
Sometimes I feel so strange and lonely without her.

A beautiful Sunday in God's beautiful world offers peace of mind.

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