Saturday, August 6, 2016

Subtle Changes

Here I go again changing the placement of objects here at home.

I've had the birdhouse church on top of the hutch for so long it was actually hard to move it. Trying it out on a candlestand that my dad once put together for me.

Same was true about the bear. He's usually sitting on the bed.

My brother was here yesterday for lunch, and we spent the afternoon looking through scrapbooks and photo albums that had belonged to my mother. In one scrapbook we came across this touching bit of the past. I may decide to frame this sweet memento.

Love Ryan's childish art and my mother's handwritten note.

Seeing the old photos of a time period that's long gone was very emotional.
But how I love those black and white pictures from the past! 

I shed tears when I read a letter I had written to my mother when my dad died.
It was among the many sympathy cards she had kept in a scrapbook.

It will take Ron and I several sessions to sort through all that Mother saved. She kept so many mementos, and I tend to do the same. 

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