Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May Days

Gosh, May will be gone before I can make a few posts. My plan was to post before or on Mother's Day, but time gets away. Mother's Day has become a bittersweet celebration. I miss my own mother so much. Sometimes emotion hits me out of nowhere on ordinary days, and I feel such a great loss.  There's no going back to sweeter days when she was alive and with me. So forward it is...until we meet again.

Dear cards, messages, phone calls, flowers, and gifts helped the day pass with thanksgiving. I'm so glad to be Mom and Grams.

Garden blooms and baby kittens have made some days extra special. 

Oreo had four kittens this time. Nicolas and Lucas picked out their favorite to take home.

 Jo(father of Nicolas and Lucas)gave
me two Knockout Roses on Mother's Day.  That very day he was happy to dig and get them in the ground.

Happiness is


a new kitten



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