Thursday, February 27, 2014


I picked up this journal book several years ago because of the divisions. I thought one day I would like to tell my life story within its pages. That one day arrived this winter. It has been harder than I imagined, but also very rewarding.
It's a work in progress. Good thing I bought two of these  journal brown, one black. Writings and photos in this first journal will reveal the early years of my life, spanning childhood through college. The other one(if I ever get around to it)will have labels for Dyersburg, Atoka, and Drummonds. 

Whether or not the book is ever read by family members doesn't really matter to me. I have enjoyed reviewing my life and putting facts, anecdotes, and reminiscences down on paper. It has made me realize anew that I have had a wonderful life...a unique journey that's all my own.
Everybody's life is special. Each person should record their autobiography. It's a fascinating endeavor.    

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